How DO You Reveal Your Magnificence?

It's Melanie here to Remind You that You are Magnificent, but...

Do You Know How to Reveal Your Magnificence?

Do You Know what "gets in the way" of You Revealing Your Magnificence?

Watch Now to Find Out!

Allowing is the Answer

Hi, It's Melanie Here!

Allowing is the Answer...

Find Out Why & How Allowing can Shift Your Life toward the Life You Want.

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Feel Everything to Experience True Joy

Melanie Here to Say one way to Reveal Your Magnificence it to Feel Everything. 
Feeling Everything Opens the Door to Experiencing True Joy. 
Want to Find Out How...
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Find Peace Through Feeling Meditation

During this Meditation Practice, You will Experience Peace through Feeling.

Trust is the Way For the Holidays

Hi, It's Melanie Here! 
In this video, I'll show You that Trust is the Way with some Funny Stories.
There's also a bit about an upcoming Challenge!


Bringing Joy Into Your Life Meditation (Holiday Edition)

Do You Want to Experience More Joy in Your Holidays?

It's Melanie Here! 
In this video, I will lead You in a Meditation Experience to Bring More Joy into Your Holiday (& Life).

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When Feelings Dictate Your Behavior, Your Will Repeat Your Past!

Have You ever stopped doing something that Will Benefit You because You Just Didn't Feel Like It?

It's Melanie Here to Tell You that "I Don't Feel Like It" Will Kill Your Dreams!

Did You Ever Let Fear Stop You from Going After Your Dreams?
Watch Now to See How to Stop Letting Feelings Keep You from Moving Toward Your Dreams!

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How to Access Your Personal Power

"Moment By Moment You Have the Choice to Step into Your Power."
                                                                                       -Melanie Hope

Watch Now to Find out How!

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Meditation for Peaceful Connecton

Want to Create Deeper, Real, True Connection with Your Family?

With Your Coworkers?

With Your Friends?

With Everyone You Meet?


Join Me in this Meditation Practice.

Let Me know how You Feel After in the Comments.

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I Give You Permission to Want More

Do You ever feel Guilty for wanting more?

Like it somehow invalidates what You have now...
or Your Family...
or Your Friends?

Do You ever dim Your Light to keep others comfortable?

This is the Video for You!

I'm Here to tell You that You Can Let That Go Now!

Watch Now to find out Why!

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Mindfulness Meditation - Body Awareness

Join Me in this Meditation to Practice Mindfulness through Body Awareness.

Turn Within, Relax, Enjoy...

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Courage to Stay on Your Chosen Path

Have You ever made a Decision
or Chosen a Path,
then watched everything fall into place
Simply & Easily at first,
but then had Resistance & Doubts
begin to Arise as challenges showed up?
This is the Critical time to Practice Courage!

Watch Now to hear My Example and find out Why.
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Simple Breathing Meditation

Do You Need A Break from it all?

Here's a Simple Breathing Meditation for You.

Try it anytime You Feel like You Need a Break.

Let me know how it helped You in the Comments.

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The Magnificence in Me Honors & Celebrates
The Magnificence in You,

Melanie Hope

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