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Step 3 to Access Your Personal Power

Step 3 to Access Your Personal Power

So, for the past two months, we've been talking about how to access your personal power. I've given you the first two steps- Allowing & Trust. If you just joined us or want to review click here to learn about those steps. 

Now for step 3 (did you guess it)...it's COURAGE!

Ahhh... Courage... doesn't it make you feel good? I get it, Allowing may not automatically bring up feelings of Power, and Trust may not either, but Courage...it even sounds Powerful. Yes, I saved the best for last. Because you may not want to Allow or Trust, but you probably do want to be Courageous.

The question is- Are You Courageous Enough to Allow & Trust? 

I began writing this post by offering different points and examples about how Allowing, Trust, & Courage all fit together, etc...etc... Then I realized that I was writing it like a paper on theory. Trying to prove my point, flashback from my school days I guess. (I used to write about social & political theories all the time). I was writing away, not really feeling very inspired when something shifted inside me.

All of a sudden, I could see...it was total boring crap that I was writing. A voice said, throw this out & start fresh. At first I ignored it. Then I thought maybe I could revise it (even as I write this, I have not deleted the other). Then I really listened & instead of resisting the "this is total crap" idea, I Allowed it to be. (That's when I could really see that it was crap). Next, I began to consider what "the voice" had said, start fresh. I didn't fully Trust it at first, my ego was arguing about the time & effort I had already put in. Then, I chose to Trust "the voice" (my intuition) and I started writing in my journal (I always write better when it's on paper, that's where I get clarity), asking what I really wanted to say. Then came Courage. I got the idea to write about exactly what I was experiencing, but I didn't quite know how it would unfold. Well, here I am, watching it all unfold as I write. Practicing Courage to act & "put it all out there". Is it helpful to you? I don't know, we'll see. What I do know is this is what it looks like to Allow, to Trust, and to practice Courage. I know that I am fully in my Personal Power and it is a bit scary, but it's also fun, exhilarating, and authentically me.

See, again, Personal Power doesn't mean power over anyone. In my case, I used my Personal Power to act on my deeper desire to share my authentic self in a way that can help others. I feel confident in it because I did it. That is my authentic journey and I shared it in a way that I think is helpful. But...that doesn't mean you will find it helpful, or that you will even read it. I don't have power over those things because I don't have power over you.

You access your Personal Power when you own your responsibility to act on your true desires. 

— Melanie Hope

Let's keep playing this out, because I want to show you another common pitfall. Say you don't read it, no one does. Or (even worse), you do and you don't like it, in fact, you hate it. My response is another chance to stay in my Personal Power or fall "victim" to victim mode. See I will again be faced with the choice to Allow or resist. For a moment, I may want to resist people hating my post. I could resist the people- blame them, "You're all idiots!" ok... but where is my Power in that?

Or, even more common, (and the point I want to highlight) I could blame myself. "I'm just no good at this" or even worse "I'm just not good enough". But again...where is my Power? Blaming is never being in your Power. Anytime you blame, you give your Power away. In fact, you don't just give it away, you actually force it onto someone else.

And the truth is, you don't do it because you don't want power, you do it because you don't want the responsibility that comes with Personal Power.

To access your Personal Power- you must Allow everything to be at it is. You must Trust yourself, others, and the Universe. And, underlying it all- you must practice Courage. You only have Power over what you are willing to take responsibility for (that doesn't mean blame yourself).

You access your Personal Power when you own your responsibility to act on your true desires. 

So, was this helpful? What problem are you resisting right now? Where is your Power in the situation? You can Allow, Trust, and practice Courage to find your Personal Power in that situation right now! Let me know how it turns out in the comments. Or better yet post it in my Facebook group the Reveal Your Magnificence Tribe.

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