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Step 2 to Access Your Personal Power

Step 2 to Access Your Personal Power

Last month, I gave You step 1 to access Your Personal Power - Allowing. Click Here  if You missed it.

Step 2 to Access Your Personal Power is Trust.

You must Trust Yourself, Others, and the Universe to Access Your Personal Power.

Let's begin with You. You must Trust Your wants, needs, and desires. You must Trust Your Inner Voice. You must Trust in Your Power and that You have Power in every situation, even if it feels like You don't. Do you Trust Your wants, needs, and desires? Do You Trust that they are valid? Deepak Chopra offers an unconventional take on desires, He says that our desires are good and they are here to lead us toward our purpose. So, when you have a desire, do you Trust it, or do you judge it? If it seems like the desire is actually bad for you or someone else, ask the question, "what is my deeper desire?", wait for the answer, and Trust the Answer that comes.

All Your Good, All Your Desires, All Your Dreams are just waiting for You to Access Your Personal Power. 
— Melanie Hope

Here's an example, you have committed to eating healthy, and you have been doing it, but one day, you feel a strong desire to eat a piece of cheesecake. This seems like sabotage, so ask, what is my deeper desire, and listen for the answer. You may have a deeper desire to feel freedom and unrestricted, and you feel you must do what your boss tells you, so the desire shows up as cheesecake, because that's something you feel you have Power over. The True Desire may be to Speak Up at Your Job, that is really where You feel Your Power is being restricted. So, You Trust Your Desire for freedom, and You acknowledge Your Power to speak up at work.  

Now, I know, You are saying, but I may get in trouble or fired if I speak up at work. Yes, You may. Stepping into Your Power does not mean other people will not respond or react to you, it just means acknowledging and standing in Your Power. However, You may find that people will respond more favorably to You when You step intoYour Power. Remember, people respond to the energy You put out.

This brings us to Trust Others. You must Trust other people to be able to handle you stepping into Your Power. You must Trust that they can adapt and see it as a benefit. Trust that other people will accept the real You, because when You step into Your Power, You are showing Your True self, and when You hide Your Power out of fear, You are hiding Yourself from the world. Trust them enough to give them a chance to experience the real Powerful You. If others can't accept and appreciate You, let them go.

Here comes Trust the Universe. You may want to refer to this as God, or Source, call it whatever You name Your higher Power. I call it the Universe. This is a super Critical step in Your Quest for Accessing Your Personal Power.

This is The factor that gets You past Fear!  

Let's use the example above, You stepped into Your Power and spoke up at work. You already trusted Yourself, that what You had to say was important and You stepped into Your Power and said it. You also Trusted others enough to say it out loud, to them. You gave them the opportunity to hear the real You. Now, it's critical that You Trust that the Universe is Supporting You. Two scenarios may play out. Your speaking up may be well received and You may even get promoted or it may not be well received and you may even get fired (These are extremes of what actually may happen, I'm using them for illustration purposes). This may sound crazy, but what happens isn't all that important, what's important is that You Stay in Your Power and Trust the Universe. Trust that if all goes as You hope, it's what is best for You, Great. Also, Trust that if it seems to go badly, the Universe supports You and this is also for the best. Remember, when dealing with the Universe, You do not have access to most of the information involved. It may be that You don't belong in that job, and You only seemed to fit there because You were hiding Your true self. It may be that an opportunity for Your Dream job is just waiting for You to leave that job.

The point is, You don't know, You must Trust without knowing.

Now, I want to revisit my personal example from last months post on Step 1 Allowing. I was in a situation where I felt everyone else had all the Power and I had none. We were trying to sell our house as a short sale because we could no longer pay the mortgage as a result of pay cuts for both myself and my husband. Between the Bank and the Realtor, I felt very restricted, like I had no real decision making power. Then, one day, I Peacefully stepped into My Personal Power by saying No to any more payments. That was only the first step. In that step, I did Trust Myself and I Trusted others, and I Trusted the Universe. I basically Trusted that everything would be ok. That first step opened the door for me to continue to Trust Myself and step into My Power. I found a place for us to live, it was near the Beach, it felt like a fresh start. But, we still did not have approval from the bank on our short sale and we weren't sure if we could afford the place (even though it was a much lower payment). I felt a strong desire and knowing that this was the place for us, and that we needed to go ahead a make a move rather than continue waiting on others. More stepping into My Power. So, we signed a lease and set a move in date, still not knowing if our house was sold, but Trusting.

So... What Happened?

The sale of our home was approved, and we were completely cleared of owing any money to the bank. Within a month, My husband was offered a new job that was closer to our new home and paid a higher salary. We all experienced a revived sense of Freedom & Joy in our lives.

In My example, it was like the Universe was just waiting on me to Step into My Power and take action for anything else to happen. In fact, that is exactly what it was waiting for...Me to Allow, and to Trust...To Step into My Personal Power in order for me to experience the good that I desired.

All Your Good, All Your Desires, All Your Dreams are just waiting for You to Access Your Personal Power. 

Will You Trust in Yourself... In Your Desires...In Your Intuition?

Will You Trust in Others...will You offer them the chance to Experience Your Power?

Will You Trust in the Universe...will You Trust that The Universe Supports You?

Join me next month for Step 3, the final step, to Access Your Personal Power.

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Step 3 to Access Your Personal Power

Step 3 to Access Your Personal Power

 You Can Access Your Personal Power in Three Steps. Here's Step One!

You Can Access Your Personal Power in Three Steps. Here's Step One!