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 You Can Access Your Personal Power in Three Steps. Here's Step One!

You Can Access Your Personal Power in Three Steps. Here's Step One!

Step 1 to Access Your Personal Power is Allowing.

You must first Allow whatever is happening, wherever you are, whatever your life circumstances are to be. I know this may sound like giving up or giving in, but it is actually the opposite. You Must Allow it and You Must Accept it! Yes...I said it!

To Access You True Personal Power You Must Allow & Accept Everything that is happening to you, within you, and around you. Especially if You Don't Like it! 

Now, let me explain why allowing & accepting everything You don't want & don't like will give you access to Your Personal Power. The first reason is obvious, when you think about it, Everything is Already Happening. You are already in the situation. The other people in your life are already in your life, and have already done whatever they did. You are already living the way you are living. Right...it's already happening whether you like it or not.  Your not liking a circumstance does not change that circumstance. Your not accepting a circumstance does not make it go away.

By resisting the circumstances you are in and pretending your circumstances are not happening, you are actually giving energy to the very circumstance you don't want. You are actually supporting it and creating more of the same.

Here's an example of this concept in action. Let's look at the US Presidential Election that just occurred. Doesn't matter, for this example, who you liked or didn't like. One candidate, Donald Trump, incited strong reactions from everyone. Some people liked him, others didn't, but he got everyone's attention. All the numbers show that more people didn't like him than liked him. However, he is President. If you look at the behavior of everyone who didn't like Donald Trump, you can see why. All the people who didn't like him were in resistance or denial about him and his viability at winning the election. Everyone focused on Donald Trump, in support or resistance doesn't matter, the focus was there, the strong emotions were there. People were very passionate about loving or hating him. All that passion, all that resistance, all that focus sent energy toward him & his campaign. You can think of it like fuel, energy is fuel, and attention-positive or negative- is energy. So, the candidate who received more energy won the election.

The next reason why Allowing gives you access to Your Personal Power is because Allowing Everything to be as it is frees your mind to focus on what You want. When You stop resisting circumstances, you free up a lot of energy and time, time & energy that you were using to think and talk about how things are wrong, and why they are wrong or not fair, or why this or that person is wrong, etc, etc...

Did You ever stop to think about how much time you spend thinking and talking about everything you don't like and why it's wrong?

You can then use all that time and energy to think about what You want. When You Allow and Let Go of resistance, You can open space for inspiration about what You would like. You free up time to imagine what You want. You create time to take inspired action on what You want. Focusing on and Acting on what You want is Your Personal Power. Letting Go of the Resistance, Allowing everything to be as it is, and doing what You want anyway is Activating Your Personal Power. This is not in reaction to what You don't like, it is separate, it may impact what You don't want, but it can stand on it's own.  

Focusing on and Acting on what You want is Your Personal Power.
— Melanie Hope

Think of this as a pushing match, when both sides are resisting each other, who is in their Power? Both sides are depending on the other, both sides are not stable. Each is resisting, leaning, giving support & energy to the other, even if it's negative energy. What happens if one side gently but Powerfully steps to the side and stops pushing, stops resisting? They are then in their Power, they can stand alone, and the other side will most likely fall as they were being fueled & supported by the others resistance.

Let me tell You about the first time I remember really stepping into my Personal Power.

It was during the recession of 2008/2009. My husband and I had been hit with declining income for a couple years and with greatly declining value in our home. We were completely underwater on our house, to the tune of over $100,000. We wanted to work with the bank, we asked for a reduction in payment, hoping we would qualify for some of the new federal programs to help people save their homes. We were barely scraping by to pay our 1st mortgage and our home equity loan, but we wanted to stay in good faith and we thought the bank would work with us. Until, a representative from the bank told us that the bank would not consider lowering our payments until we stopped paying...What??? She basically told us they would not work with us on good terms, only when they felt they had no other choice. So, we decided to stop paying the first mortgage, and she was right, the bank did begin to consider lowering our payments. It took months & months, and finally we received word that we had been approved for a lower payment... We were ecstatic! Then, we found out the numbers. The bank was offering us a refinance with a payment $50 lower than we were previously paying. What???!! Really!!!?? To say I was angry is an understatement. I felt angry, betrayed, victimized, and in that moment I wanted them to pay for all my mental stress and agony. I mean, really, like I would go through all this for $50 a month, it was ridiculous. So then, we decided to sell, we still didn't have the money to pay the way overpriced mortgage, and we wanted to avoid a foreclosure. Our realtor told us that we needed to keep paying the second mortgage, so we did. For months & months, having people come into our home, knowing we would walk away with nothing. We were extremely stressed, we didn't know where we were going to move or when, so we couldn't really look for a place. Eventually we had a buyer, but, of coarse it was a short sale, so the bank had to approve. After years of feeling at the mercy of banks, and feeling like I shouldn't buy anything, and spending countless hours filling out paperwork and answering calls and everything else involved in this situation, one day, I decide I was just going to focus on my 3 year old daughter. I decided I was just going to play with her for the afternoon and not worry or discuss anything about the house or the whole situation.

That's when it happened...

It started with a call from my realtor, she told me that we needed to make another payment on the second mortgage, so they would work with us. Just that call was enough to put me in resistance and anger mode, by this time, I was extremely angry with the bank. I almost lost my Peace and my focus on my daughter, but then I thought, no, I will not focus on that call now. I decided to keep my focus on my daughter and let it go.

That was my first taste of My Personal Power.

Later, when my husband arrived home, we discussed making the payment (which we couldn't afford) and it hit me...with a deep Peace & Certainty, I stepped into my Power. I said No, we will not make one more payment.

I felt clear, it was not from anger or retaliation, I was just clear what was in my best interest and acting on it.

I was also clear that the bank and the realtor could respond however they needed to, but it would not change my decision. My decision stood on its own. This was My Personal Power. I was no longer reacting & responding to what other people said & did, I was acting on Purpose for what I wanted and what was in My best interest. Once I did this, everyone else behaved differently. No one tried to persuade me differently, they just said ok and did what they needed to do. It was in that moment, of despair & desperation that I realized the Power that I hold. I will never forget the sense of Peace & Clarity that infused my whole being when I stepped into my Personal Power.

You can see in my story, how I had to Allow everything to be and focus on my wants, my needs, my desires, independent of others, to find My Personal Power in the situation. I did not change the bank or the realtor, I changed my perspective and my behavior. I had to let go of my resistance and anger about the way the bank was behaving and just allow it and accept it. Then act on My own Behalf, in My own Interest, and let them respond however they wanted.

Allowing everything and everyone to be as it is puts Your Focus on You...That is where Your Personal Power lies! Your Power doesn't lie in other people and other people aren't stopping You from accessing Your Personal Power! You always have access to Your personal power, no matter what is happening. Your Power doesn't lie in changing other people, Your Power lies in recognizing what You want, Focusing on it, and taking Purposeful Action to Achieve it. 

Where are You focused on resisting circumstances & people in Your Life?

Will You take the first step to Access Your Personal Power by Allowing Everything & Everyone to be as it is?

I'll share Step 2 to Access Your Personal Power Next Month. Subscribe to our Newsletter below to make sure You see it!  

Step 2 to Access Your Personal Power

Step 2 to Access Your Personal Power

Boundaries Set You Free!

Boundaries Set You Free!