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How do I Reveal my Magnificence?

How do I Reveal my Magnificence?

Today, Allowing is the Answer was my inspired thought for the morning. I, actually we (because the whole family is involved), decided to start walking three miles at a local park every Sunday morning, then stoping at the playground so the kids can play. We were inspired to do this by the 5k we participated in last Sunday.

I Revealed my Magnificence today, by standing in my power and doing what I knew was good for me
— Melanie Hope

It seemed like a great way for us - me, my husband, and my 9 year old daughter to get more exercise and enjoy nature. My two youngest ride in the stroller. So, easy, right, just get everyone ready and out the door?  

Not so fast... getting everyone out the door is not easy.

Cole, my 2 year old, can't decide what to wear, then won't put on his shoes, etc, etc. Hannah, my 9 year old, doesn't really want to go, and India, 7 months, needs to nurse and have a diaper change. Soooo, I felt a lot of drag this morning, like I was swimming against the flow of water, or going against the flow of the Universe.

Then, I saw my Allowing is the Answer shirt hanging in my closet, and I knew it was the shirt for today, and the mantra for the morning as well.

I immediately felt the push I needed to go on. Sometimes I do not do what I want because it is too difficult to get everyone on board, so I let my wants and needs go, but today I didn't. I just allowed everything, but still did what I wanted. I let go of the time I wanted to get there, but we still went and we still walked and it was wonderful. So that is how I Revealed my Magnificence today, by standing in my power and doing what I knew was good for me, no matter what everyone else wanted. It paid off too, we all had a great day! Being in nature and moving and breathing it in helped to open us up to inspired ideas (like writing this) and our day felt fulfilling because we nurtured our bodies and our minds by opening up to more possibilities in our life.

Fulfilled or just Full?

Fulfilled or just Full?

The Beginning