I'm Melanie Hope. Welcome to the Hope Alchemy website.  I share My teachings and My Poetry and Mandalas Here. This is a Place to Find Inspiration for Your Journey of Life. Enjoy Your Visit!

The Beginning

I will be posting a weekly "Question of the Week" . The questions are intended to spark a deeper inquiry of yourself. They are meant to be contemplated and allowed to flow through your mind and body, inspiring you to discover new hidden things about yourself. If a question speaks to you, great, if not, let it go. If a question does "speak" to you, I encourage you to journal your thoughts, just write whatever comes into your head and heart. I have personally found this practice to be helpful in seeing and understanding my own thoughts, feelings, and beliefs; and also in allowing new inspired ideas and solutions to flow through me. I would love to hear your thoughts if you want to share them in the comments section. The "Question of the Week" will also be posted on the Hope Alchemy Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter, so check whichever venue you prefer like, follow, etc. and feel free (by this I mean PLEASE) share. (On a side note, I am new to this, blogging, managing a webpage, Facebook, Instagram, and Tweeting regularly, so please bear with me as I learn.) I am excited to embark on this journey to Reveal Your Magnificence with you. May we stand in our Personal Power and explore our depths with Courage...

How do I Reveal my Magnificence?

How do I Reveal my Magnificence?