Our Purpose...  To Lead the Way to Healing Yourself through Transformational Words and Images.

Our Mission Statement...  To Assist and Inspire the Impulse and Desire within You to step fully into Your own Personal Power, to Accept and Love and Honor Your Whole Self, and to Reveal Your Magnificence to Yourself and to the World.

My name is Melanie Hope and I am the creator of Hope Alchemy and all the content presented here. Hope Alchemy was born out of my own journey of actually discovering that I am magnificent right here, right now.  It is based on my own transformation from feeling that I was "missing something" and "not good enough" as I am into realizing and recognizing my own Personal Power and the Freedom and Beauty that come from Living in that Power, and realizing that the way I am is on Purpose and is Magnificent. The Mandalas, the Poems, and the Quotes you find on this website have all inspired me along my Journey and helped to Remind me of my Magnificence when I forget. All of this has flowed through me in a most surprising and organic way, nothing was planned by me, all of it just came and continues to come at the perfect time. So, now is the time to share it with You. I offer Inspiration & Wisdom in my monthly Blog posts. Subscribe to our Newsletter Below to make sure You don't miss any Inspiration! Want more? Join our Facebook Group -Reveal Your Magnificence Tribe for Daily posts and Weekly Lifestreams (live stream videos) featuring Trainings & Meditations to help you Reveal Your Magnificence. When You're Ready to Fully Embrace Your Magnificence & Create Your Magnificent Life visit the Work With Me Page and Let's Start Your Journey into Magnificence!