Hi, I'm Melanie Hope.

I'm Here to Help You Reveal Your Magnificence & Create Your Magnificent Life!

Do You often Feel Stuck in Your Circumstances?

Do You often Feel Caught Up in the Daily Struggles (Surface Struggles) of Life?

Do You often Feel like You are Missing Something that other people seem to Have?

Do You often have trouble Seeing Answers, Choices, & Solutions Clearly?

Do You often Notice Yourself Repeating the same situations & behaviors over & over?

Do You often Feel Caught Up in all the Noise & Busyness of the World?

I Can Help You Get Past All That and See the Deeper Truth of You!


Reveal Your Magnificence Coaching Sessions

In Your Sessions, we will talk via phone about what You Want for Your Life and also about what Surface Situations seem to be preventing You from Creating it. As we talk, I will share with You the deeper issues behind the Surface Struggles that I see holding You back. We will discuss specific ways You can step into Your Personal Power in Your particular situations. Your Sessions are all about helping You see where Your Power lies in Your Situations and to uncover hidden beliefs that take You out of Your Power. Click Here to Schedule Your Session Now!

Create Your Magnificent Life Program

In Development. Click the I Want a Magnificent Life Button Below to be the First to Know when this Program is Ready for You!


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Corporate Mindfulness Meditation Sessions

Experience all the Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation(MM) in Your Company. I will work with You to Create the Right Program for Your Company's Needs. I can lead a Mindfulness Meditation Session at Your Formal Meeting or Conference or I can lead a more intimate, personal Mindfulness Meditation Program for Your Executives and/or all Your Employees at Your place of business all Created to facilitate Your Goals and fit with Your Company Culture. Click Here to discuss how Mindfulness Meditation can help Your Company Achieve it's Goals & Visions.